The Ol' Gallium Spoon In A Cup Of Water Gag

February 24, 2011


Gallium (Ga, atomic #31 between zinc and germanium) is a silvery metallic metal not found elementally in nature. But that's not what's important, what's important is it melts just a little above room temperature (~86°F, 30°C). So you can mold it into whatever you want (but NOT a dildo!) in the fridge and then pass it off to an unsuspecting friend as steel and watch it melt on them. Oh the hilarity! In this demonstration, a spoon molded from gallium is stirred in a cup of warm water and melts almost immediately. Imagine if that were a friend's coffee! You could tell them it's mercury and they're probably gonna die! Huge fan of the 'you're gonna die!' pranks. You could say I live for them. Get it?! Me neither, I got high at lunch and shouldn't have!

Hit the jump for the demo and a couple websites to buy pure gallium if you want (it's not super cheap though, around $40-$60 for enough to make a spoon -- it is reusable though)

Place to buy
Place to buy

Thanks to Martijn, or should I say, MAGNETO?! No -- Martijn? Sorry, I said I was high.

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