The Most Epic Zelda Painting Ever Created

February 22, 2011


Note: Click HERE for a larger version that's so awesome your retinas will melt and eyes explode. *POP!....POP!* There went mine!

This is the most amazing Zelda-themed painting I've ever seen in my entire life and I've seen a lot because sometimes I type 'zelda painting' into Google and look at everything that comes up because I'M F***ING SICK LIKE THAT AND HAVE ZERO INTEREST IN GETTING BETTER. It was created by Japanese artist and serious Zelda fan ag+ to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise. Wow, talk about dedication. Because one time I spent upwards of three-minutes drawing a naked stick figure with comically giant knockers on a bar napkin before getting bored and setting it on fire. The bartender kicked me out after that but I didn't pay my tab SO I CONSIDERED IT A WIN. At least until I realized he still had my credit card.

Hit the jump for a ultra sped-up video of the piece being created, along with a link to an interactive version of the piece with all the characters identified.

Celebrate Zelda's Birthday With This Stunning Painting [kotaku]
Image With All The Characters Identified

Thanks to mcdeviant and Jessa, who both claim they were able to name every character without cheating. LIES!

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