Monkey Waiters: Now With More Creepy Mask

February 9, 2011


Remember the time we went to that Japanese restaurant with a monkey waiter? Ha, how could you forget -- he wouldn't stop throwing turds at us the entire dinner service! I Yelped about it. Well now the restaurant's proprietors have added a creepy female mask, wig and schoolgirl outfit to the poor lil' bastard because -- if there's one thing that makes a monkey feel good, it's people running and screaming from it constantly. Plus now if there's a hair in your food there be LITERALLY NO TELLING where the hell came from. Is it a human hair? Wig hair? Monkey hair? Monkey pube? I dunno, but your ass is gonna be praying it's just a sushi chef's eyelash!

Hit the jump and try NOT to be creeped out by a live baby doll walking around a restaurant.

Monkey waiters are exponentially creepier when they wear human faces [io9]

Thanks to Marc and Meredith, affectionately known as M&M. No? Never met each other? SKITTLES WE'RE CALLING YOU SKITTLES.

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