The Clap-Off Bra -- Clasp On, But Clap Off

February 17, 2011


Note: 5-second video after the jump probably NSFW on account of a bra being clapped off and exposing a pair of pastied titties I had to watch three times to make sure weren't mine.

The clap-off bra: not as cool as an ogle-and-drool-off bra, but this isn't exactly the future we're living in either. There's a link to the rather complicated-looking Instructable showing you how to make your own step-by-step after the jump, or you could, I dunno, LEARN HOW TO UNHOOK A DAMN BRA. Alternatively, only date ladies who don't wear them. What are they called again? Oh right -- dudes.

Five seconds of "dammit why didn't these exist when I was in college?" after the jump.

Clap-Off Bra [instructables]

Thanks to Mike, who was in the middle of inventing a creepily-stare-off bra but went blind staring at titties all day and had to abandon its development. OMG -- HOW MUCH FOR YOUR NOTES?!

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