Super Harmony: eHarmony For Superheroes

February 15, 2011


This is a fake-ass commercial for Super Harmony, an eHarmony knock-off for people who are or want to date superheroes/villains (NOT ugly people). I tried applying, but they were all, "dammit GW, you're more of a demigod than a superhero." And I was all, "I LIKE DUDES IN TIGHTS!" The video isn't particularly knee-slapping, but it did have a couple moments. What it didn't have was Emma Frost, Rogue or Supergirl in the dating pool, making it far less a pool you'd actually want to get in, and more of a lukewarm hot-tub filled with superdudes daring each other to take their bottoms off. *dives in off patio lounger*

Hit the jump for 2:30 of superdatin'.

Official Fake Site
via It's like eHarmony [albotas]

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