Stuffed Griffins? Mummified Cat Paw Earrings? We've Got Those: Custom Creature Taxidermy

February 2, 2011


That's not actually a griffin. I think it's a cat ass with chicken legs and an eagle's head. Still, it does look like one though. And if anybody came over for dinner you could probably convince them it's one. Oooooooor threaten to poison their drink and lock them in the basement, depending on your approach to dinner parties. Me? I usually pass out drunk before the guests arrive and never hear the doorbell. The fire alarm when the stove catches fire, yes. Sarina Brewer is a taxidermist that specializes in stuffed mythical and otherwise freaky beasts. For example, hit the jump for a shot of 'Frankenpussy', a cat dressed up like Frankenstein with an eye-patch, peg-leg and smoking a cigar. Wow, that ninth life's a doozie! Ha, and Fluffy was worried about dying in vain.

Hit the jump for Frankenstein cat and a link to Sarina's website that made me a little too uneasy to surf around looking for more pictures.


Custom Creature Taxidermy Arts

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