Stem-Cell Gun Heals Burns By Spraying Victims With Their Own Stem Cells

February 3, 2011


Note: Video after the jump has some pretty gnarly burns in it, best watched mid-lunch.

Wow, a gun that sprays a patient's own stem-cells on a burn to magically heal it. Well, not actual magic because it looks like an airbrush and not a glittery wand, but I still wouldn't tell Merlin about it (he gets butt-hurt easy). Now I know what you're thinking -- "but does it work on nipples?!" And the answer to that, my friend, is stop burning them in the first place. "But my girl and I like to get kinky!" Yeah, NO. Letting your partner drip hot wax on your chest is kinky. Painting your moobs red and setting your nipples on fire like they're little volcanoes is just f***ing sick.

Hit the jump for a moderately gruesome video.

Spray-on Skin Is a Reality [gizmodo]

Thanks to Hammy, Tom and Eveline (or should I say, Jerry?! No? Eveline? Okay), who invented spray-on skin that's supposed to un-prune your fingers after a bath but their business went under BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T LOVE PRUNEY FINGERS?!

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