Sounds Simple!: Painting By Numbers Pouring

February 10, 2011


NICE JEANS, LADY! My mom circa 1984 wants to know where you got 'em!

Holton Rowler (not to be confused with Thurston Howell III) creates paintings by pouring store-brand coffee cups full of paint on top of boxes to create trippy, drippy designs. I'd argue the process is even more beautiful than the final result, not unlike lovemakin'. Just kidding, nobody likes hearing a grown man cry for six-straight minutes. Or do they? They don't. But even a man clad in a bedsheet wiping his tears away with the last scrap of toilet paper still glued to the tube is beautiful compared to raising a kid for 18-years. 18-YEARS! That's older than I am emotionally. Huh? Oh good one -- AND mentally. *coyly eats booger*

Hit the jump to get your trip on (also available in full-HD).

Youtube (also available in full-HD)
This Is Trippy, You Should Watch It of the Day []

Thanks to Atticus, who, wait a minute -- Finch?! *shaking hand* YOU'RE A GOOD MAN!

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