Snake Eyes Practicing His Ninja Moves

February 8, 2011


This is a video of Snake Eyes practicing his ninja-ing in G.I. Joe's highly sophisticated training arena his backyard while being critiqued by a sun sculpture, a buddha statue, a skull coffee mug, some free weights, and two sets of horseshoes. One thing's for certain: if you're a gallon of milk, 2-liter soda bottle or jug of kitty litter, this is NOT the ninja to f*** with. But if you have at least a broken nunchuck and any coordination whatsoever you could easily kill the poor bastard. Unless he whips out his bow & arrow, in which case he'll probably do it himself. Remember Snake Eyes: Knowing when to quit is half the battle.

Hit the jump for a video of G.I. Joe's latest rejection letter in action.

Legend Of The Ninja [videogum]

Thanks to batmanninjabatman, who may or may not be a Ninja Turtle in the middle of a Batman sandwich.

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