Shuttle Launch As Seen On Passenger Flight

February 28, 2011


This is a video of last week's Discovery shuttle launch as seen from a commercial flight departing Orlando, FL. It's pretty amazing to see. Like being duct-taped to a computer chair so you can't move and then having your eyes taped open while coworkers take turns throwing things directly at your face. Yeah, just like that. But with less cutting their brake-lines afterward. Haha, who's got the big cubicle now?! Beats me, I'm too busy getting pounded in the slammer. C'MON -- IT WAS PRACTICALLY SELF DEFENSE!

Hit the jump for 2:00 of oohs and aaahs BUT NO SEX.

Discovery launch as viewed from a passenger flight [geek]

Thanks to Peter, who doesn't eat as much pumpkin as the nursery rhyme would lead you to believe. MARY ISN'T EVEN CONTRARY!

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