She's A Wiiiiiiiiiitch!: Harry Potter Poledancing

February 9, 2011


Note: Video possibly NSFW depending on how your employer feels about pole-dancin'.

This is a video of a lady loosely dressed (get it? she's hardly wearing anything!) as a Harry Potter character working the pole to a 'Harry Potter Dubstep'. Admittedly, she's pretty good and the music was strangely addictive. Of course, I have an addictive personality which is why I've already taken like 40 Flintsone vitamins today. Huh? Yes I'm turning colors! Next up: Twilight pole dancing. You think Edward can't work a pole?! Oh, Edward can work a pole. Huge fan of the glory hole, just sayin'!

Hit the jump for the Slytherin black magic in action.

10 Points from Gryffindor, But $37 in Singles For Them [toplessrobot]

Thanks to Allison, trevor, slytherin ftw! and Kat, who once worked a two-story pole with such skill and dexterity it set the entire fire station ablaze.

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