Scientists Develop Actual Thinking Cap

February 10, 2011


SMART KITTY IS SMART. Also, probably gonna run away.

Tired of bein' all stupid? Ditto. My brain's sloopy as a mofro. But now a group of Australian scientists claim to have developed a thinking cap that allows users to utilize more of the right half of their brain and think more creatively. Yeah, plus it works by electric shock. Smell that? Burning pubes. Haha, what do you mean 'wrong brain'?

After being exposed to low-level electrical pulses for 10 to 15 minutes, subjects were easily able to acquire new modes of thinking and were able to apply them for up to an hour.

The subjects were also three times as likely to solve complex problems while wearing the cap.

"Without the stimulation, only 20 per cent of people could do it," Mr Chi told

"With the stimulation, 60 per cent of people could solve the problem."

Despite such results, Prof Snyder said the "thinking cap" wasn't designed to make people smarter.

"Its advantage isn't in acquiring more knowledge quickly," he said.

"Its advantage is in seeing the world anew. Taking ideas from different places and developing them into a new synthesis.

"It's more of a 'creativity cap'."

So, what's the ruling on running my head under a faucet before putting the cap on? Is that gonna like, make me super smart? "Jesus, GW, with ideas like that I'm not even sure you need a thinking cap!" You flatter me. No, no you don't. You call me an unfunny a-hole and complain I don't write on weekends. NOW TURN IT UP TO 11 AND SLAP SOME ALLIGATOR CLIPS ON MY NIPS FOR GOOD MEASURE.

Hit the jump for an actual shot of the thing in cause you're curious. But, WARNING: scientist is creepy.


Researchers develop "thinking cap", aids in creative development []

Thanks to Bradley B and Francis, who don't need thinking caps because they wear brainstorming bras. Me? Just a training one.

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