Say No To Blank Walls: Asteroid Wall Decals

February 28, 2011


Blik Re-Stik Asteroid Wall Decals are $45 sticker packs that turn your frown upside down wall into a giant unplayable game of Asteroids. That's a whole set pictured, so you can get an idea of what you could do with one. Which, whether you have any sense of composition or not, is still gonna end up 200% cooler than the pages of hot chicks you ripped out of Maxim and tacked to the wall. "But they were free!" Right, but they also look like shit. Plus women hate it when you have stuff like that up because it makes them realize just how unrealistic your expectations of the female form are. "Wait -- not all women have water-balloon knockers?!" *facepalm* No moron, some of have Super Soakers.

Hit the jump for what the stickers look like on a white wall since you're far too lazy to paint. Also, bonus Centipede and Pong decal sets. THEY GOT THOSE TOO, YO!





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Blik Re-Stik Asteroids Wall Stickers [geekalerts]

Thanks to Baron Von Blasphemy, who -- wait a minute -- we've got royalty reading Geekologie? MAKE ME A KNIGHT! And to Brittany, who sticks marshmallows to the wall but not because she got the idea from Jersey Shore because we totally don't watch that shit. Promise.

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