Poppin' Caps In Caps: Gold Tooth Stops Bullet

February 23, 2011


Awh snap son -- is that peridot? August birthdays FTW!

A New Orleans man was accidentally shot in the mouth (I suspect a pistol-whip gone wrong) by his brother after smoking his weed without asking (which, admittedly, is a pistol-whip worthy offense), but the bullet ricocheted off a gold tooth, leaving the man virtually unscathed. *trying to melt a roll of tin-foil in the microwave*

The victim was sitting in a car with his girlfriend in the 3300 block of Second Street, smoking marijuna that belonged to his 20-year-old brother...When Waltdell Davis came home, he got angry about the marijuana, and an argument ensued...In an attempt to defuse the argument, the victim went inside the house, but Waltdell Davis followed him in with a gun...

The two began to struggle, and the gun went off, hitting the victim in the mouth...He ran to a friend's house for help, and the paramedics who treated him told investigators that the small-caliber bullet apparently bounced off the victim's gold tooth, leaving only some gum damage from the impact and a cut to his upper lip from the ricochet...

Hoho -- bulletproof bling! Now, are you thinking what I'm thinking? If you answered, "have custom Kevlar vests made for all my teeth" you are! Just kidding, that's retarded. Molars don't wear vests! Do you, mola-- ARE THOSE CAPRIS?!

Bang-proof bling: Man's gold tooth deflects gunshot, police say [uptownmessenger]

Thanks to my buddy Dave, who once stopped a bullet with his mind. Are you sure? Because I'm pretty sure we were wasted and that was a car backfiring.

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