Photos Overlayed To Produce The 'Average' Face Of A Woman From Various Countries

February 10, 2011


Note: Don't take that picture at face value, click HERE to see the entire thing with a whole bunch more lady-mugs.

The Face Research Website (not to be confused with my Fist Resear-- POW!) allows users to overlay photos of faces to get an "average" of what a number of combined faces looks like. This particular shot is the result of combining the faces of women from a certain country and slapping them all together. As you can see, they're all surprisingly attractive. Not sure if they started with only pretty ladies or what, but I'd be hesitant to see what a U.S. one looks like. And not just because I'm afraid of getting turned on, but do you even know the sessy kind of things you can do with a double chin? Store food for one. Pelican ladies, PELICAN LADIES!

Face Research Website (to try yourself and even upload your own photos)
Average Faces of Women of the World [photoxels]

Thanks to Captain Cranky, who apparently always wakes up on the wrong side of the boat.

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