Original Star Wars (New Hope) In 'Iconoscope'

February 8, 2011


Note: This is not the graphic you're looking for, I had to cut it. Click HERE to see the entire thing in full-res.

This is the story of Star Wars: A New Hope told in little icons as created by digital designer Wayne Dorrington. I tried "reading" it, but came up with a story that doesn't even loosely resemble what I remember watching.

1. Woman plus floppy of nudie pics pee on trashcan droid plus twinky droid vacation on moon with two suns. Grim Reaper: nudie pics? Woman: no nudey pics. Reaper: DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200!

2. Trascan droid and twinky droid plus man = threesome. Trashcan droid: let's add a lady. Man: Ladies? I don't do ladies. Trascan droid (to himself): lady = man. Must find lady with penis.

Actually, that is kind of what I remember. You kinkier than a wampa sexin' a snowman, George!

Wayne Dorrington's Website
Star Wars Now In Iconoscope Vision [nerdbastards]

Thanks to Brittany, who won't draw robots because she knows they scare me. Don't think it goes unnoticed!

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