No Seriously, Why?: Robot Crumb Vacuum

February 28, 2011


The Robo Vacuum has apparently been out for a while (OLD! YOU SUCK GW!) but I've never seen it before and I try to keep abreast (also: abooty) of robotic products so I can assess their danger level and assign an appropriate color-code. These $15 suck-bots are a pink with little white stripes. What? I'M FANCY!

This little Robot Vacuum will never get tired cleaning up your messes. Simply push the on / off button on the top of his head and he will vacuum up your dusty desk or the crumbs from your morning muffin at the kitchen table.

Admittedly, $15 is pretty cheap, but do you know what's even cheaper? Paper towels. Plus they won't try to eat the rest of your bagel when you hit the fridge for another glass of OJ. And speaking of OJ -- who else mixes orange juice and milk and chugs it like a poor-man's Orange Julius? "UGH -- DOESN'T IT CURDLE?!" Oh, it curdles alright. F***in' love me some chunks. TRUFFLE SHUFFLE FTW!

Product Site
Crumb Robot Vacuum [foodbeast]

Thanks to Margaret, who cleans up her crumbs like a normal person: by letting her dog on the table to lick them up. God, I would've done it!

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