My Dome!: Automatic Head-Shaving Helmet

February 8, 2011


Suck it, Flowbee! Get it? Cause that shit requires a vacuum!

This is an automatic head-shaving helmet invented by some guy named Boris, who doesn't run around with Nastasha but will swerve to hit a squirrel when driving (you're sick!).

Somehow, this helmet uses four razors and a shaving cream irrigation system of sorts to shave a head bald in just 20 seconds -- without nightmarish results.

As the thoroughly bald man explains and later demonstrates on a slightly less bald man, this seemingly lethal device is actually pretty efficient.

Right, but what happens when you strap it on, hit 'GO', and then your roommate starts beating you in the head with a broomstick? YOU GET F***ING SCALPED, THAT'S WHAT! And not like nosebleed football tickets either, I'm talking like your skull showing. Just sayin', Ghost Rider don't take kindly to peeps coppin' his style.

Hit the jump for a video of the (admittedly impressive) system in action.

'Shaving Helmet' Gets You Bald In 20 Seconds, Doesn't Kill You [huffingtonpost]

Thanks to Justin, who shaves his head with a Barbarian battle axe because he's a real man with balls the size of baby elephants (that he shaves with a ride-on lawnmower).

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