JEALOUS!: Firework-Shooting R/C Helicopter Taking Out Hydrogen-Filled Balloons

February 1, 2011


This is a video of an R/C tri-copter shooting Roman candles at hydrogen-filled balloons in the style of a video game. Obviously, I'm pissed I didn't have this kind of setup when I was a kid. And not just because the closest I ever came to a missile-laden R/C helicopter was a hand-me-down Cabbage Patch Kid, but one time I did throw lil Joey out the window with a trashbag parachute with fairly traumatizing results. Read: he hit the sidewalk so hard his head and legs came off. Try explaining that to your 4-year old sister when you re-gift the head as a birthday present! "You see, thanks to science I've actually been able to keep his brain alive..."

Hit the jump for the worthwhile video.

Project Site (with a bunch more POV videos from helicopters)
Homebuilt UAV hunts down hydrogen balloons, shoots firework missiles [engadget]

Thanks to robbie and residentistEVIL, who are both convinced the Hindenburg disaster was actually fireworks related. You two and your conspiracy theories, I swear.

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