K.O.: Street Fighter Ultra-Combos In Real Life

February 3, 2011


This is a video of a couple guys performing their own ultra-combos from Street Fighter IV in real life. If you've never played Street Fighter IV you might have a harder time appreciating the video, but it's still worth a watch nonetheless. Also: putting a bar of soap in the microwave. "Nice try, GW, but cleaning is a woman's job!" Really? *looking around your partment* You've never had one over, have you? "Shut up -- my sister brought some of her hot friends over to party once!" Haha, the same night you saw your sister's boobs?

Hit the jump for just over a minute of finishing moves.

Street Fighter IV Ultra Combos Look Ultra Cool In Real Life [kotaku]

Thanks to Kevin and emily, who invented ultra-sessy combos but Capcom deemed them too hot for TV.

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