Kind Of Questionable: PS3 'Kids' Commercial

February 17, 2011


This is a fan-made commercial by 29-year-old Ben McCambridge (who spent $6K of his own money to create it) for the PS3 called 'Kids'. It shows young children cast in the following roles to demonstrate all the fantasy-fun to be had playing video games:

1. Middle school bully beater-upper
2. Astronaut
3. Football All-star
4. Hobbit
5. Soldiers at war
5. Promiscuously dressed teen trying to sneak out of the house to meet her boyfriend while her mom and step-dad argue in the kitchen

Admittedly, the commercial was very well made, I'm just not sure about the message it's sending. WHEN YOU'RE SIX-YEARS OLD YOU DON'T NEED HYPER-REALISTIC VIDEO GAMES TO HAVE A GOOD TIME. Wanna be an astronaut? Sit in a laundry basket with tinfoil wrapped around your head. Want to play Lord of the Rings? Get a couple friends together and hit each other with sticks in the woods. You've gotta use your imaginations while you've still got 'em! LIFE DOESN'T GET ANY EASIER. Soon you're gonna be older and actually NEED video games to escape from reality. Plus booze. Can't forget about the booze. *glug glug* Oh yeah, f***in' loving life over here.

Hit the jump for the worthwhile commercial.

This Is Not A PlayStation 3 Ad, But It Should Be [kotaku]

Thanks to The Toxic Revenger, scott and D., who still build pillow forts on the couch and pretend they're badgers. WHO THE F*** DOESN'T?! You're never too old for that. Or blowing bubbles in chocolate milk.

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