Jessica Rabbit As Gold Bikini Princess Leia

February 20, 2011



Note: Full-res version HERE because you're a pervert.

This is a picture by artist Dimitris Samaras of Jessica Rabbit performing her lounge act while cosplaying as Princess Leia circa The Skirmish on Carkoon in 4 ABY (I'm not a dork you're a dork). As you can see, her feet are so small she can't even stand anymore and her titties look like two ripe cantaloupes. Me being more of a honeydew man aside, I'm not sure she could digest a corndog without it getting lodged above her waistline. Cheeseburgers: you should really drink some.

Dimitris' DeviantART Page
Gulp... Slave Leia Jessica Rabbit Sings for Jabba the Hut [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Charlie, who actually went to see her lounge act but got kicked out by security for bringing an air horn.

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