It's Colder Than A Witch's Nips Out Here!: Blown Bubbles Freezing In Mid-Air

February 3, 2011


This is a video of bubbles being blown and freezing in mid-air. You can actually see the ice crystals starting to form as the bubbles drift around. Mother nature you be trippin' me out, gurl!

After some trial and error, a solution of dish soap, sugar, and water was found to create bubbles that would freeze before hitting the ground. With air temperatures outside around 33 below zero, and winds at nearly hurricane force, the "experiment" was attempted in several different sheltered locations at the Sherman Adams State Park Building where temperatures were a few degrees warmer. One of the locations was warm enough that one could actually see the bubbles crystallizing, while the second location was several degrees colder, and the bubbles froze almost immediately.

33 DEGREES BELOW ZERO? I'm not gonna lie, that's waaaay too cold for me. Also, anything below 55. You laugh now but just wait until your balls freeze to your leg. I tore them off like a band-aid -- there was a casualty. o->-< .

Hit the jump for the bubble-freezin' in action.


Thanks to Shane, who once popped a bubblegum bubble in the freezing cold and had to get shards of Big League Chew removed from his face. Brutal!

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