It'll Never Make The X-Games: Sporthocking, The Latest In Questionably 'Extreme' Sports

February 4, 2011



Sporthocking (not to be confused with spittin' game) involves a participant performing some feat of ridiculous-lookingness by juggling, kicking, throwing, spinning, sliding, etc.-ing a 'Sporthock' (which looks like the lovechild of a bongo drum and Sit 'n Spin), and then slamming their ass down on it at the end to signify the maneuver is complete. "MY F*** THAT SOUNDS STUPID." Haha, just wait till you see the video.

Hit the jump for a video that'll have you itchin' to sporthock faster than you can say "I'd rather be towed behind a snowmobile on an overturned barstool." HEY NOW YOU'RE TALKIN'!

Official Site
Does This Look Like a Sport Anyone Sane Would Actually Play? [gizmodo]

Thanks to Cherrie and Austin, who used to sporthock years ago with a three-legged stool but abandoned the game because 3 out of 4 times your turn ended with a wooden leg up your ass. I say we bring it back!

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