INAPPRO!: Little Girl Finds Vulgar Candy Heart

February 7, 2011


Better than 'niece tits', just sayin'.

I mean, it's not really vulgar to you or I, but you and I aren't twelve. You just act that way. Hoho, BURN! -- *circle-circle-dot-dotting nips* -- NO BURN-BACKS! Anyway, a 12-year old California girl got a 'NICE TITS!' heart in a bag of Brach's brand Conversation Hearts candy (THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR NOT BUYING NECCO BRAND SWEETHEARTS!). She found it particularly offensive because she thought they were making fun of her for not starting puberty yet. That's pretty low, Mr. Wonka.

"I thought it was kinda shocking," said Ciara Bush, "I was reading them and I brought it to my mom after I saw it."

Her parents were stunned at what they saw.

"Nice Tits," said Derrick Deanda, reading the message printed on the small piece of candy that referred to a woman's chest.

He e-mailed the candy maker and said he got a quick response. A phone call came the next day asking him to mail the candy and the entire bag back to the company so they could investigate.

While he was shocked, Deanda said he doesn't have any plans to sue. He just wanted to warn other parents.

Whoa whoa whoa -- how's a 12-year old even know what tits are?! I didn't find out what a tit was until college and then only because my freshman roommate had a pair and I used to Photoshop pictures of women's heads onto his body and send them around the dorm trying to get people to say they were hot. I think a couple guys even masturbated to them!! *whistling*

Girl Finds Adult Message On Candy [kcra]

Thanks to Blaqk Panda, who once opened a bag of all broken hearts. OMG THOSE POOR SUGAR-PEOPLE! And to lil co., who once opened a bag of all "NICEST TITS" hearts. I believe it!

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