In The Future We'll All Whaf (Read: Huff) Food

February 1, 2011


Seen here already looking like an addict, a woman "whaffs" a lemon tart. Wait -- what? That's right folks: huffable food. I can see it now. "Yes, we'll like the steak au poivre paired with a full-bodied red spraypaint. And for dessert -- the airplane glue."

At first, my mouth feels warm and dry; then, as the droplets in the smoke settle, I can make out the particular flavours. The lemon tart is zingy and fresh. Next, a whaf of tarte tatin fills my mouth with caramel.

It might sound mad, but 'whaffing' is ­predicted to be the futuristic way of eating.

It's filled with ­special crystals (called piezoelectric ­crystals) that vibrate rapidly when Le Whaf is switched on, thereby creating ultrasound waves.

These waves create alternate low and high pressures through the ­liquid which make it bubble and then transform it into tiny liquid droplets that look like a cloud.

As for Le Whaf: 'It's good for dieters.' (Ten minutes of ­whaffing produce only 200 calories.)

The device was actually invented by David Edwards, the same guy who created the huffable chocolate cartridges a few years back, indicating a rather serious and long-standing addiction (GOD, TALK TO DR. DREW!). Still, whatever helps people stay healthy I'm all for. That said, nobody is going to use this POS because they love putting things in their mouths too much. *eating furry chips from between the couch cushions* What?! Give me a break, I JUST DROPPED THEM LAST NIGHT.

Anyone for a puff of lemon tart? Now there's food you don't eat but INHALE [dailymail]

Photo Credit: Photographer Manchester Paul Cooper

Thanks to "So, I guess it can be cloudy with a chance of meatballs," Celest. GOOD ONE!

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