Iffy Geek Anthem 'Tonight I'm Frakkin' You'

February 18, 2011


Hey Juggernaut -- smell my finger. That's Jabba's @$$hole!

Because geeky-ass songs are all the rage these days, here's 'Tonight I'm Frakkin' You', a parody of Enrique Englesias' 'Tonight (I'm F***ing You)', which I've never heard and have no intentions of starting now. Also: a diet. EATING RIGHT IS FOR PEOPLE WHO CARE AND I GAVE UP LONG AGO. The video features cameos from The Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayaar and Battlestar Galactica'sRitchard Hatch and BG: Caprica's Alesandra Toresanni. Plus others. It's chock-full of geeky references and the video isn't really that bad but some of the sounds gave me a headache and made my dog start barking at the computer and she doesn't bark for anything but treats and robberies. Which -- OMG THERE'S A MASKED PERSON IN MY HOUSE. Batman!

Hit the jump and get your geek swerve on BUT NO FRAKKIN'.

Tonight, I'm Frakking You [break]
Tonight I'm Frakking You [theendoftheinterwebs]

Thanks to Patrick, clark, AZAZ and Erica, who all penned geek anthems on the back of bar napkins before spilling drinks and smearing their work. BUT THOSE COULD HAVE BEEN HITS! Kidding, I'm sure they all blew.

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