I Think I Saw Boo Radley!: Amazing 60K-Piece 'Abandoned Victorian House' Out Of LEGO

February 18, 2011


Note: Click HERE for a higher-res shot that does the house more justice.

This is a sickly amazing LEGO build by Mike Doyle of an abandoned Victorian house that's been crushed by a tree. And speaking of getting crushed by trees: people who have sex with Ents. TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMBER!

5' x 3' x 2

50k - 60k pieces
Black, white, dark and bluish gray, clear trans and black trans colors used.
No foreign materials (wood, glue, paint or otherwise) were used - this is pure Lego.
Second in my series of Abandoned Houses

WOW. I posted a couple closeups after the jump, but you really need to hit Mike's website for the higher-res versions as well as shots of the first house in his 'abandoned' series (also worthwhile). He has a ton of info and in-progress shots of his builds as well. What he doesn't have is a bunch of pop-ups and porn banners, which is a shame because I would've clicked them.

Hit the jump for the closeups and another link to Mike's site.






Mike's LEGO Projects Website

Thanks to Erin, who knows a real-life Boo Radley except this one actually IS a creepazoid. Whoa -- glad I don't live on your block!

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