How Do: Birds Fly In Space? SPOILER: Poorly

February 7, 2011


We've already seen butterflies in space, so what not birds? This is an old video of a couple dudes and a bunch of pigeons during a weightless dive experiment in a Vomit Comet to determine how well birds fly in a weightless environment. Which, I'm not gonna lie, isn't very well. Even the ostriches are embarrassed for them! And, if you think pigeons fly into a lot of windows on earth, just imagine the portholes of the Death Star! Coo-coo carnage.

Hit the jump for 45-seconds of sadness.

Early Bird Special of the Day (I see what you did there!) []

Thanks to Alan, who once launched a model rocket with an egg payload with less than successful results (unless the parachute not deploying and the burning rocket setting a barn on fire is a success, in which case MISSION ACCOMPLISHED).

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