How To: Prevent Cheating When Playing Multiplayer Games With Your Roommate

February 2, 2011


Like this!

Granted it's not a new concept because I remember my freshman year of college ('99) my roommate and I used to play Counter-Strike on opposing clans and we'd each hang a bedsheet over the side of our loft so the other person couldn't see you. Which, fun fact: also worked great for masturbating. For him anyways, I didn't care if he watched me or not just as long as he let me have one of the sausage biscuits he kept in the mini-fridge afterward. "Uh, GW? That sounded a little too realistic not to be true." I told you, I ONLY SPEAK THE TRUTH! But, from now on -- only to strangers. Damn yeah I want some free candy, mister! Nice van BTW.

Hit the jump for one more shot of a similar but different setup.


How To Stop The Simplest Form Of Video Game Cheating [gizmodo]

Thanks to Britty Sprinkles, who used to steal money from the bank playing Monopoly.

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