Great, I'm A Death Star Thermal Exhaust Port Operator: The Star Wars Jobs Flowchart

February 3, 2011


Note: This is neither full-size nor the whole chart, use the Force your mouse to click HERE and see the whole thing.

Ever wonder where you'd fit in in the Star Wars employment universe? SPOILER: Bantha fodder. Sorry, but we were all thinking it. Me? I'd probably be on the Jedi Council. Well at least until I got kicked off for 'drinking too much' and 'trying to light a bong with a lightsaber'. "ANSWER ME -- WHO TAUGHT YOU HOW TO DO THIS STUFF?!" YODA, ALRIGHT?! I LEARNED IT BY WATCHING YODA!

What Would Your Job Be In The Star Wars Universe? Use This Flow Chart [nerdbastards]

Thanks to Christine, who was really hoping to be a cocktail waitress at Mos Eisley.

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