Gotta Chug 'Em All!: Pokémon Beer Pong Table (With Bonus Box Of Taco Shells!!!!11)

February 18, 2011


Did somebody say beer pong and taco night?

This is a travel beer pong table decorated with a bunch of epoxied Pokémon cards by Tom Sejkora's. DAMMIT TOM, GIVE IT TO ME STRAIGHT -- DID YOU HAVE ME OVER TO PLAY BEER PONG OR POKEMON? Twister?! You know I'm down.

My inspiration? Beer and pokemon obviously. My friends had a table covered in bottlecaps that made out the Irish flag. I thought it was cool, and wanted to try my own design. Originally I collected bottlecaps, but soon realized how much time it would take to collect them all, as well as the cost of coating them and the difficulty of doing so properly. Plus the bottlecap table has been done to death. I was considering fortunes from chinese takeout, and all other sorts of other things, until I realized I had a gajillion pokemon cards that I hadn't used in years (even though I did play with my friends during class in high school).

On a side note, I don't even like playing beer pong, and I'm absolutely atrocious at it...

"Don't even like playing beer pong?!" THEN WHY BOTHER MAKING THE TABLE? That's like me building a robot. You know, I really hate these things, and it's probably gonna kill me in my sleep, but what the hell. YOU'RE F***ING SICK, BRO.

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures that really make me question Tom's sense of composition.








Pokémon Beer Pong Table [pixelatedgeek]

Thanks to Nelson, who has some pretty dope wrastlin' moves named after him. JEALOUS!

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