Goodbye Durability!: Cardboard Flashdrives

February 17, 2011


Flashkus USB drives from Art Levedev Studios: they're made out of cardboard. Why the hell you'd make a flashdrive out of cardboard is beyond me, but maybe Mother Nature was really pushing for them as part of her anti-plastic campaign. GET OVER IT LADY -- MILK JUGS WILL NEVER DIE! Or decompose in a landfill. One thing's for sure though -- a cardboard flashdrive definitely isn't gonna survive a trip through the washing machine. And, unfortunately, same goes for a pocketful of Chuck E. Cheese tickets. GAAAAAAAH -- AND I WAS ONLY TEN SHORT OF A CHINESE FINGER TRAP!

Hit the jump for several more shots in case you're struggling with the idea of pressed wood.




Official Site (currently only conceptual but knowing Art Lebedev they'll actually make that shit eventually)
Flashkus Concept Saves Your Data and is Ready for Recycling [technabob]

Thanks to Julie, who made a flashdrive out of Jello but lost all her pictures from Spring Break when her little brother ate it. Should've used brussels sprouts, just sayin'.

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