Geekologie Reader's Miniature Zelda Tribute

February 25, 2011


Well folks, this wraps up the 25th anniversary week of the first Zelda game's release. So, in honor of my all-time favorite franchise, here's a super-short video tribute shot by Geekologie Reader Chad (aka SpiderChad). In case you couldn't tell, it was made using miniatures (plus a fog machine!). On a side note, if Skyward Sword disappoints I'm going to smash my Wii into ten-thousand pieces. You know, or sell it back to Game Stop. God knows the only reason it's sitting in the back my closet anyways is because of the next Zelda. Dammit Link, you better not let me down! And on that note, I'm off to get drunk and forget everything I wrote this week. I might crank out a couple this weekend though, you never know! Which is why you should really focus on the other half the battle. G.I. Joke!

Hit the jump for the short but sweet video.


Thanks Chad, think you could make a little dino-erotica for me? Get it? Little/miniatures! You could even work a model train set in, I don't care.

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