Full-Scale Buster Sword Replica From FFVII

February 1, 2011


This is a man and his full-scale and full-metal (read: heavy as f***) Buster sword from Final Fantasy VII. Sure dude looks more like he belongs on the set of a live-action World of Warcraft movie, but I can look past that. What I can't look past is that sword, because my God is that thing huge. Unfortunately, dude has some serious back problems, so he has to bring in some shirtless roid-y hunk (think Ronnie from Jersey Shore but with a nicer face *wink*) to swing the thing around for him and lay waste to a couple shipping palates (which I may or may yes have watched in slo-mo -- twice). Awh yeah homoerotic sword-swingin' -- that's what I'm talking about! *dropping trou* Joust?

Hit the jump for a video of the biggest sword you'll ever see in action.

(You can contact through his Youtube page if you want to buy this one or have a different sword commissioned)

This Real Final Fantasy Sword Does Some Real Damage [kotaku]

Thanks to Ford and Kyo, who can both swing heavier swords but don't like to brag about it because they don't want you asking them the next time you need help moving.

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