Fore!: Assault Rifle Golf Ball Launching Mod

February 8, 2011


Certainly brings new meaning to 'shooting the green', amirite?! No? God I hate myself.

Own an assault rifle and tired of shooting bullets? Enter the $20 golf-ball launching nozzle. Your neighbors'll never suspect you shot their f***ing windows out while hiding under a recycling bin!

Works on most AR-15, M4, and M16 rifles; replaces your muzzle brake or flash hider. Machined out of solid-stock steel, shoots golf balls over 250 yards using .223 BLANKS (BAM-006), do not use live rounds. No gunsmithing required. WARNING: All rules of firearm safety apply. Misuse of the golf ball launcher is potentially dangerous, and it is not a toy.

Really? Misuse is potentially dangerous? How about misuse IS dangerous. Actually, how about PROPER use is still dangerous. Actually, how about you fire a couple rounds at my nuts, see how many I can take. Because my money's on one. More if I pass out and you don't stop.

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Thanks to garfield, who doesn't give a shit unless it shoots lasagna.

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