Impressive Fan-Made Star Wars Documentary

February 14, 2011


These are parts 1 through 14 (10-minutes each for almost 2-hours 20-minutes of runtime) of a fan-made Star Wars documentary featuring all sorts of interesting facts, audio commentary from the cast and crew, alternative angles of scenes, etc. etc. It's called 'Star Wars Begins', and is NOT to be confused with 'Batman Begins', which is a movie about a superpowerless superhero, or "THE ROBO APOCALYPSE BEGINS!", which is what I'll be yelling as I board my spaceship and doom all humanity for not heeding my prophecies. *flipping an entire earth-encompassing bird* LATER, BOJOS!

Hit the jump for over 2-hours of Star Wars-ing that really is worth a watch if you have an interest and the time.


Thanks to Brit-Brit, MY VALENTINE.

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