Eye Candy: 3-D Video-Mapped Living Room Is Like Having A Million Living Rooms In One

February 16, 2011


But that rug really tied the room together!

Using 3-D video-mapping technology, the guys at Mr. Beam were able to transform a plain white living room filled with plain white furniture into whatever kind of fancily decorated living room they desired by projecting different patterns onto the various elements. Coooooool. Now make the couch look like a pile of skulls!

We created an unique physical 3D video mapping experience by turning a white living room into a spacious 360° projection area.

This technique allowed us to take control of all colors, patterns and textures of the furniture, wallpapers and carpet. All done with 2 projectors.

Granted it's not very practical for an actual living room unless you live entirely in the kitchen and only admire the space from the tent you built out of a bedsheet and barstools, because once you step foot in there you gonna be casting all kinda shadows. And, just like that, your cool-lookin' living room turns into less of a place to relax, and more of a place to be blinded by a projector and stub your toes on the f***ing coffee table. You think I won't saw that leg off?! CONSIDER YOUR ASS TRIPODED!

Hit the jump for the very worthwhile video.

Mr Beam Official Site
Living Room [vizworld]

Thanks to Kevin, who claims they stole the idea from him because he once projected vomit all over his living room. I believe it.

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