Episode III, Revenge Of The Seniors: Old Man Lightsaber Duel In France

February 24, 2011


"Luuuuuuuuke -- Uncle Owen is drunk and picking lightsaber fights again!"

This is a video of the lightsaber duel between two old Frenchies that ensues after one drunkenly drives his tractor over the other's prized tauntaun or something. Honestly, I have no idea WTF is going on, and I watched it like four times. What I do know is the screencap there takes place after Darth Foie Gras manages to knock Obi Won Tractordriver's lightsaber out of his hands and moves in for the finishing blow. It's actually a pretty epic battle. Definitely blows all the prequels out of the water, that's for f***ing sure! But, honestly, what doesn't? "Twilight". Touché -- my butt. Go on, give it a squeeze!

Hit the jump and watch two old Jedi's fighting over Metamucil.


Thanks to James, who once popped another driver's tires with his lightsaber for parking too close to him at the grocery store. OMG -- tell me you got the hood ornament too!

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