DU-DU-DU-DUMB: Digital Monopoly Game

February 11, 2011


Monopoly: we've all cheated at it. Whether it's stealing a couple extra $100's from the bank, insisting you're allowed to put four hotels on a property, or accepting sexual favors for rent, we've all been there. Hopefully not on family game night. Enter the new, digital Monopoly. It's virtually uncheatable. Also: unfun.

The new $50 Monopoly Live is the same as the old game, except that it has a prominent 10-inch tower sitting in the middle of the board. This plastic tower rolls non-existent fake dice with fake dice sounds, manages rent calculations, announces player turns and even remembers how much money you have -- all done electronically.

According to the NYT, the tower "bathes the board in infrared light and a camera can see reflectors placed on each game piece" allowing dice rolls to be initiated by just covering your game piece. What the heck?

Leif Askeland, one of Monopoly Live's designers says that "the tower never makes a mistake" and that disputes are non-existent.

Cool, an all-digital Monopoly. That sounds...way less fun than a video game.

Hasbro reinvents Monopoly with an all-knowing plastic tower [dvice]

Thanks to Mark, who once swallowed a handful of opponent's houses and flipped the game board after a stint in the clink. I think jail made him crazy.

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