Drawin' w/ Light: Skeletons Of The Apocalypse

February 4, 2011


Seen here looking like some sort of futuristic vision, Janne Parviainen takes photographs painted with LEDs/sparklers. Impressive Janne, but try painting with darkness. Haha -- can't do it, can you?! You've gotta sell your soul to the devil for that shit!

Straight from the camera. When you're standing two hours in a knee deep snow in minus 20 celcius degrees taking photos, playing with fire starts to sound like a great idea, haha! I only burnt my coat just a little while doing this, oops!

Oh yeah? Well I only burnt my coat a little tooting too close to a fireplace, so there! Just kidding, it actually melted the whole thing to my skin. Somebody just scored a permanent superhero bodysuit! "Who the hell are you supposed to be, Melty-Man?" Melty-man, really?! Try Members-Only Man, jackass!

Hit the jump for a couple more and a link to Janne's Flickr with a TON of different examples.




Janne Parviainen's Flickr
Skeletons Light Painting [neatorama]

Thanks to zenith, who offered to paint the town red with me. Alright, but we're gonna have to drink a whole lot of girly pink shots first.

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