Disposable Coffee Cup Grows Its Own Sleeve

February 14, 2011


Why it actually needs to grow a sleeve instead of just having one pre-installed is beyond me, but I suspect it has something to do with NOVELTY. Which, fun fact: rich people will pay for. Also, their pets back if you kidnap them. Anyway, the Heatswell Coffee Cup from Amron Experimental (designers of the Split-Ring-Key, Leather Band-Aids and the Brush & Rinse).

- No sleeves to slide on or fall down
- Stacks thin like a coffee cup
- Insulates fat like a coffee collar
- Hot Beverage activates insulating band
- 3D logos pop when hot drinks are poured
- Design textures with 0-1 inch swells
- Knitted-on cloth towel feel
- Saves time by removing a routine step
- Save on shipping sleeves separately
- Non-toxic and FDA approved
- Recyclable and Biodegradable
- Insulates with less material
- Will not swell at shipping temperatures
- Costs less

Okay, so maybe there are some advantages. As you can see from the pictures, the sleeve starts off looking pretty normal, then, when a hot beverage (or urine) is added, starts growing AND DOESN'T STOP until it looks like a wrinkled ol' pair of granny panties. Which -- you ever tried that blue dye they use in adult diaper commercials? I went blind in one eye for over 12-hours. LUHJIT!

Hit the jump for a video demonstration of the grower not a show-er and a link to the official site where they'll send you a free sample to amaze your friends.

Official Site

Thanks to Scott, who works at Amron and is currently looking for funding to produce the Heatswell. I got five on it! Oh -- no I don't. Two.

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