Detroiters Raise $$$ To Erect Robocop Statue

February 17, 2011


After suggesting the city erect a Robocop statue, Detroit mayor Dave Bing quickly shot the idea down, Tweeting (TWEETING?!) ""There are not any plans to erect a statue to Robocop. Thank you for your suggestion." What the -- and you guys elected this dongle?! But thanks to a grassroots Kickstarter campaign, Detroiters were able to raise the $50,000 necessary for a statue in less than a week with almost 2,000 financial supporters. Now how long before the new statue vandalized is anybody's guess, but I'd put my money on "as soon as I can afford a bus-ticket to Detroit". *spraypainting Joker face over Robocop's helmet* NOT SO TOUGH NOW, ARE YOU ROBO-POPO?! "Freeze, lawbreaker." Oh shit.

Detroit Just Might Get That RoboCop Statue [clickondetroit]
Official Kickstarter Page

Thanks to Fally, Kevin, Grant, Brian, Timothy, Shirik, The Emortal and Randy, who always take pictures of their friends touching statues' crotches. OH REAL MATURE, GUYS.

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