'Dead Island' Trailer Forward AND Backward

February 16, 2011


Seen the teaser trailer for 'Dead Island', the upcoming (allegedly later this year) zombie-survival game that takes place on a tropical resort island in Papua New Guinea (link related)? Then hit the jump, watch it, and be amazed. Then watch the second video, which was lovingly recut to play backwards and at normal speed (you'll see why after watching the first one) by the guys over at Harcos Labs, who JUST SO HAPPEN to make Zombie Jerky and Blood Energy Potion. HA -- I'm on to you, Harcos Labs! Or, should I say, DHARMA INITIATIVE?! Dum-dum-dum!

Hit the jump and watch the videos, they're good.



Dead Island Official Site (currently under construction)
Harcos Labs


Thanks to Jen, who could take TWO whole islands full of zombies by herself. And to Aaron at Harcos Labs, who I'm really starting to wonder how hard he actually works.

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