Dead Asleep: The Anatomical Sleeping Bag

February 15, 2011


It's a body bag!

This is a sleeping bag that looks like an anatomical diagram of the human organs. You know, or a person who had their skin removed by a cannibal. Which, fun fact, look the exact same. Just don't use it when you're camping or you better believe somebody's gonna call the cops and report a dead body. Then they'll come and poke you with sticks until you wake up and have to explain why you're sleeping naked with a bunch of honeycombs stuck to your wiener. I F***ING KNEW YOU WERE INTO BEARS!! aside, this is an actual product (~$75) you can buy from Japan. Also: anything related to really disturbing fetishes. An animatronic fish that sings the Voltron theme whenever you put your penis in its mouth? They've got those. Don't they, Big Mouth Billy Bass? "♫ Don't worry -- be happy ♫". Oh yeah, that's the stuff. What?! I IMPROVISED!

Hit the jump for another shot, as well as King Tut and "Sleeping with the Fishes" designs.







Product Site
Anatomical Sleeping Bag [neatorama]

Thanks to Charles, WHO ISN'T IN CHARGE OF ME. YOU HEAR ME, CHARLES?! "Go to bed". FINE -- but only because I'm tired.

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