Creep Factor 11: Facebook Breakup Notifier

February 21, 2011


Breakup Notifier is a Facebook app that'll send you a notification whenever somebody you're interested in (read: creepily stalking) changes their relationship status. Because if there's one thing a girl appreciates, it's a guy who's created a 'want to bang' list on Facebook and sits around waiting for the girls to break up. Seriously, that shit makes chicks hotter than getting flowers. Unfortunately, the program can't distinguish between breaking up and getting together, so you can also expect an email when the girl of your dreams lady of your sad fantasies changes her relationship status to 'engaged'. You know, so you can leave a really creepy passive-aggressive comment on her wall.

hey gurl long time, no talk -- or ever actually, ROFL! just wanted to say congratz on the engagement and THAT GUY IS A DOUCHE. Just thought u should know. Plus he has really bad genes so don't have any babies LOL! I wanna drink your bathwater.

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Thanks to Brittania, who will forever be 'in a relationship'.

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