Could Not Live With: A Chucky Computer Case

February 3, 2011


Child's Play came out in 1988. I was seven. I saw it around then too, which not only scarred me for life, but inspired me to pack all my Cabbage Patch Kids in the bottom drawer of a dresser and set the whole thing on fire. I could hear them scream. *shivers, tweaks nips so they're both as hard as possible*

Modder Omar Majzoub spent over six months of his life and $2000 on this Child's Play computer, designed to look like a giant Good Guys box. It looks like Chucky already got out of the box, although there's a mini-me Chucky, Bride of Chucky and Son of Chucky hanging out inside the case too.

Inside the toy box is a system powered by a water-cooled Core i7 920 CPU with 6GB of RAM, 5 terabytes of storage, and a pair of SLI GTX 460 video cards.

Granted a creepy-ass homicidal doll wouldn't be my first choice of modding themes, but admittedly the case was well executed. Get it?! Because Chucky kills people! But so does eating while driving, so put the bacon-burger down and focus on the road, Wide-Load! (chicken nuggets are still a go)

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the scariness.



Chucky Casemod is One Killer PC [technabob]

Thanks to Charlie, who made a Terminator case. Dammit you're just begging for me to kick your ass now.

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