COOOOL!: Samurai Shadow Sword-Fighting

February 18, 2011


Note: I know that screencap looks pretty booboo but I promise the video is actually cool. Hit the jump to watch it.

This is a video of a samurai fighting some sort of shadow spirit made out of CG crows or some shit. I'm not really sure, but eventually it takes the form of the samurai's shadow and he has to cut that f***er's head off. It's basically just a choreographed dance to a video being projected, but definitely still cool to see. Also, in your neighbors' window when they're changing. DAMN THAT'S ONE HAIRY ASS! Oh, wait a minute -- now there's two hairy asses. Aaaaaand they're touching. Okay, so they might not be brothers after all.

Hit the jump for the worthwhile video.

Shadow Swordplay of the Day []

Thanks to Foxy Lady, who -- I'm not gonna lie, totally thought you were a wolf at first.

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