Congratulations, It's A...Website?: Egyptian Man Names Firstborn Daughter 'Facebook'

February 21, 2011


Hurt: Tom's feelings are.

To celebrate the recent revolution and honor the social networking site for the role it played, a young Egyptian man has named his firstborn daughter 'Facebook'. Well, actually he named her 'Facebook' Jamal Ibrahim, which is Facebook FOLLOWED BY HIS NAME. That poor girl.

According to Al-Ahram (one of the most popular newspapers in Egypt) a twenty-something Egyptian man has named his first born daughter "Facebook" in tribute to the role the social media service played in organizing the protests in Tahrir Square and beyond.

While the baby girl could just have easily been called "YouTube," "Twitter" "Google" or even "Cellphone Camera," it seems like Facebook has become the umbrella symbol for how social media can spread the message of freedom.

Speaking of freedom -- what ever happened to freedom fries? Because those things were legit. Like they were cooked in peanut oil or something. Mix a little ketchup and mustard for dipping -- mmmmmmm! Also, that baby is wearing earrings.

To Celebrate The #Jan25 Revolution, Egyptian Names His Firstborn "Facebook" [techcrunch]

Thanks to Evil Ares, who was *this close* to naming a daughter 'Ask Jeeves'.

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