Classy Kitchen!: Cigarette Fridge Magnets

February 17, 2011


Cigarette magnets: can you think of a better way to let a child know just how crappy their art is? "Um, yeah -- just tell them till they start crying." Damn you're sick. "Or you could throw it in the trash right in front of them." ENOUGH ALREADY, YOU WIN OKAY? Anyway, Cigarette Magnets ($15 for 3) from Amron Experimental make it look like you put out a cigarette on whatever the hell you're sticking to the fridge. Clever, but it's gonna take at least a half-dozen cigar magnets to get a cat to stick.

Hit the jump for two more examples of the possibilities.



Product Site

Thanks to Scott, who actually invented the magnets and promises to donate 0% of proceeds to the American Lung Association.

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